How to Prepare Ganache Frosting

A luxurious chocolate ganache frosting can make a delicious dessert even better. Ganache has only two main ingredients – chocolate and heavy cream. A chocolate of choice may be used, but firmer dark chocolate makes a dark, glossy frosting. Chop twelve ounces of chocolate into small pieces and shred it further in a food processor or use a peeler or mandolin to shave it, eliminating the need for a food processor. The small pieces will melt more thoroughly. Place it in a heat proof bowl. Heat two-thirds cup of heavy cream until just boiling, stirring occasionally, and remove it from the stove or microwave. Pour it over the chocolate and stir it slowly to melt and blend the ingredients. Be sure no water gets into the chocolate or it will not blend properly, however, flavoring such as vanilla or orange extract may be added now, if desired.
This is a wonderfully simple recipe that can be used between cookies or cake layers. It can be poured over cooled cake to make a chocolatey rich smooth finish, and is perfectly suitable to be decorated. It can also be chilled and used for truffles or other confections.