Coq Au Vin: A Classic You May Not Know

Coq Au Vin is a French dish we think of today as chicken braised in wine. This old favorite can be made simply today for a tasty and elegant meal any time. Sear chicken breasts in your favorite oil or butter prior to cooking. Toss the seared chicken into a crock pot with some button mushrooms, onions, a few lardoons (bacon if you don’t have any), and about half a cup of your favorite red wine per chicken breast. Season everything with a little salt, pepper, garlic if you choose thyme, parsley, and a bay leaf. Now simmer everything until the chicken is fork-tender. Once the meat is fork-tender you can draw off some of the liquid to make gravy. This meal can be started in the morning before you leave for work, cook in the crock pot all day, and enjoyed when you get home that evening. For a festive dinner braise the meal in a pot on the stove such as a cast iron Dutch oven or other large braising pot, and then serve the meal in the same pot it was cooked it. Coq Au Vin is rumored to go back to the time of Caesar but you can enjoy this traditional French dish today with a little preparation.