How to Make Perfect Beef Bourguignon

How to “Make Perfect Beef Bourguignon” is not as hard as you may think. I do it and believe me I’m no special talented chef. The most important thing in cooking for me is how much time it’s going to take. I have 6 in my family, full time job and my children think I’m their personal chauffer.
When making my beef bourguignon I make sure I get a good piece of boneless round steak and I try to buy it on sale. Don’t forget to ask the butcher to cube the meat in one inch cubes; they will do this for free. Everything else I put into the dish is all store bought, prepared and I make sure I use a burgundy wine that I would drink. The mushrooms are pre-sliced, 1 can of mushroom soup, packaged beef broth, I used frozen pearl onions, bottled minced garlic, pre-grated parmesan cheese and last but not least a package of dried onion soup.
Once I have browned the beef cubes I set them aside. Mix all the other ingredients in the ceramic bowl of my slow cooker, add the meat last, turn to high and leave for work. That means when I get home all I have to do is add the sour cream and boil the noodles. I have a gourmet meal to serve family or guests.